My First Website Flip Ends Without a Bid

My first website flip ends without a bid. What happens and what did I learned from this?

First here are the data and statistics of my auction. The site was listed for 6 days. At the last two days of the auction I lowered the starting bid to $97 with no reserve. I guess I am still not confident it would sell fast so I lower the price. It earned 53 views, with 1 discussion asking me if I accept bitcoin as payment which I responded no. I still don’t know anything about bit con except its definition.

The website is the .com extension, with 30 unique articles and with 13 bundles websites because during the listing I only was able to complete 13 websites. But now I have 19. The website is also in a health niche on a desperate market of infertility.

Here are my initial learnings.

While I think I priced my site reasonably, I think I have issues with my auction title and description. It does not attract and communicate well with my target buyers.

I cannot judge yet the attractiveness of my auction title because this is the first auction and I have nothing to compare. But definitely I can sense there are much to improve in my title and description.

With respect to the starter sites, I think most of the visitors are newbies and those with lower budget to spend. I think they are not so concern with the uniqueness of the website content. I mean for selling a starter website, it is hard to compete in price the website with unique content than the website with duplicate copies. There maybe few visitors looking for high quality-made starter website but this should be not my target audience as it is much better if I target the general newbies who are just looking for any website to purchase.

While I still have two listed unique high quality website, the succeeding sites I am going to make will be no longer unique, maybe out of PLR content. I maybe selling at a lower price to ace the competition and I can make more of them more quickly. I mean if you cannot get high profit from valuable website then you get little profit for lesser valuable websites in greater quantities.

I already relisted the website for $97 (from 127) with 19 (from 13) bundled sites for 5 days. Yes, I lowered the price and I added more bundle sites as I want to test the pricing and the bundling strategy if this work. I am also eager to have a sell to get me a motivation boast.

I am also eyeing the possibility of additional income form auction’s after sales. I offered web hosting and website transfer for the bundled site at a very competitive rate. I know this is additional work, but I have to squeeze every inch I can do to generate income for the time being until I perfected a profitable website flipping business model.

That maybe all for now. My next auction will end two days from now.

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