My Website Filipping Resume

It’s been I while since my last post here where I mentioned my interest flipping starter website in Flippa. That’s what I did and what kept me so busy the previous weeks.

I been flipping website previously in Flippa but that was 4 years ago. So last week I pick up my Flippa old account and make site listing for auction again. As of this writing I have two sites listed, ending 2 and 4 days from now.

The problem with starter website is that it is perceived to be low dollar value as there where no online income to claim and no traffic to declare. Added to this is that there are several number of starter websites on auction in Flippa. So to be avail my listing to be successful I needed my website to standout and to make it look more valuable.

To make it my listing standout I did four things. These are:

  1. There domain is in .com, short and very brandable.
  2. They have unique article content. The first one has 30 articles and the second one has 34 articles.
  3. Each auction comes with additional bundled sites. The first one has 13 bundled sites and the second has 21 bundled sites.
  4. There is no reserve, and the staring bid is just reasonable, both is between $100 to $200 range.

I hope those are enough to make my auction standout from the crowd and get attention.

As you have learned, I made several websites to be included as bundled to each auction. The building of 21 websites really cost time and great effort. But I did that anyway just to have something for my starter site to look valuable.

I hope that works.

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