Welcome to My Website, My Personal Journey to Online Passive Income

Hello readers, welcome to my website.

This domain name, moneyonlinetalk.com, might be quite misleading because this website will not really discuss everything about making money online but to document my journey towards my goal of having online passive income.

My personal objective is to become an expert buyer and seller of digital assets, to have my own portfolio of profitable websites and to become a website broker. For this I know I needed to learn a lot of things.

Now that I have given you my goal and my objective I needed to declare where I am today to serve as a baseline and to track my progress as I go on. So, here are the baseline facts.

  • I have no job, non-employed for the past 6 years.
  • My sole income source is fiverr. While my fiverr income was able to support my needs, it’s not enough to build me savings and it’s entirely not passive, the reason why I have to make a shift.
  • I don’t own any websites that are currently earning.
  • I know how to purchase a domain, how to manage a hosting, change name servers, how to install and use wordpress, back up wordpress site and transfer wordpress site.
  • I can understand html code, css, php, MySQL.
  • I don’t have money greater than $200 to invest.
  • I have an experience of selling website and buying website through flippa.
  • I can read and understand English language well but I consider myself not a good writer.
  • I know how to outsource things that I am not good about.

With my above skillsets, I plan to build and flip starter website to flippa as my starting point. Building website for sale is not passive, but this will help me generate money fast.

The income I can derive from this will be use to build more websites, purchase software tools, buy domains, pay hosting and setup a good foundation to have a decent portfolio of passive generating website. Of course, I will also invest to my education to really become an expert of buying and selling website and in building and managing profitable website.

So much for the intro.

Wish me all the best.