Flipping Profitability Table

I tried to analyze how to price and profit from my flipping business. And here is what came up.

The capital and expenses of flipping websites are domain purchase, flip listing, auction success fee and paypal service charge. The domain cost can go from $1 for unpopular domain extension to $11 for extension like .com. The flippa listing is $19, its re-listing is $9. The auction success fee is 15% and the paypal service fee is 2.9% of the amount plus $0.03. At this time, I do not count the labor as expenses, I’l just treat it as a normal job where I get paid from my labor to my profit although I know this was not right.

Therefore profit equals sold auction price less domain purchase less flip listing fee, less success fee less paypal service charge.

For $97 auction price

If I go for a .com listing and the auction price for $97, my profit is $49. This is 100% ROI, and a decent income if you are living in the Philippines. If you sell 1 site per day, then that’s $1470 in a month, more than a monthly salary of a typical manager in my country.

If I go for a $1 domain name and the auction price of $97, my profit is $59, that’s over 157% ROI.

For $127 auction price

If I go for a .com listing and the auction price for $127, my profit is $74, that’s over 138 ROI

If I go for a $1 domain listing and the auction price for $127, my profit is $83, that is 195% ROI>

Where can you get this kind of ROI fast? One is by domain flipping.


Since the relisting fee is only $9, with no other expenses with the above profits, I can still afford to relist 4 times and not losing.

What is my Profitable Strategy:

Strategy: Aim to build and list to auction 2 to 3 websites a day. Try to develop flipping inventory of websites until I can afford to flip 2 to 3 websites in a month without repeat. Then go another cycle for the succeeding months.

My First Website Flip Ends Without a Bid

My first website flip ends without a bid. What happens and what did I learned from this?

First here are the data and statistics of my auction. The site was listed for 6 days. At the last two days of the auction I lowered the starting bid to $97 with no reserve. I guess I am still not confident it would sell fast so I lower the price. It earned 53 views, with 1 discussion asking me if I accept bitcoin as payment which I responded no. I still don’t know anything about bit con except its definition.

The website is the .com extension, with 30 unique articles and with 13 bundles websites because during the listing I only was able to complete 13 websites. But now I have 19. The website is also in a health niche on a desperate market of infertility.

Here are my initial learnings.

While I think I priced my site reasonably, I think I have issues with my auction title and description. It does not attract and communicate well with my target buyers.

I cannot judge yet the attractiveness of my auction title because this is the first auction and I have nothing to compare. But definitely I can sense there are much to improve in my title and description.

With respect to the starter sites, I think most of the visitors are newbies and those with lower budget to spend. I think they are not so concern with the uniqueness of the website content. I mean for selling a starter website, it is hard to compete in price the website with unique content than the website with duplicate copies. There maybe few visitors looking for high quality-made starter website but this should be not my target audience as it is much better if I target the general newbies who are just looking for any website to purchase.

While I still have two listed unique high quality website, the succeeding sites I am going to make will be no longer unique, maybe out of PLR content. I maybe selling at a lower price to ace the competition and I can make more of them more quickly. I mean if you cannot get high profit from valuable website then you get little profit for lesser valuable websites in greater quantities.

I already relisted the website for $97 (from 127) with 19 (from 13) bundled sites for 5 days. Yes, I lowered the price and I added more bundle sites as I want to test the pricing and the bundling strategy if this work. I am also eager to have a sell to get me a motivation boast.

I am also eyeing the possibility of additional income form auction’s after sales. I offered web hosting and website transfer for the bundled site at a very competitive rate. I know this is additional work, but I have to squeeze every inch I can do to generate income for the time being until I perfected a profitable website flipping business model.

That maybe all for now. My next auction will end two days from now.

My Website Filipping Resume

It’s been I while since my last post here where I mentioned my interest flipping starter website in Flippa. That’s what I did and what kept me so busy the previous weeks.

I been flipping website previously in Flippa but that was 4 years ago. So last week I pick up my Flippa old account and make site listing for auction again. As of this writing I have two sites listed, ending 2 and 4 days from now.

The problem with starter website is that it is perceived to be low dollar value as there where no online income to claim and no traffic to declare. Added to this is that there are several number of starter websites on auction in Flippa. So to be avail my listing to be successful I needed my website to standout and to make it look more valuable.

To make it my listing standout I did four things. These are:

  1. There domain is in .com, short and very brandable.
  2. They have unique article content. The first one has 30 articles and the second one has 34 articles.
  3. Each auction comes with additional bundled sites. The first one has 13 bundled sites and the second has 21 bundled sites.
  4. There is no reserve, and the staring bid is just reasonable, both is between $100 to $200 range.

I hope those are enough to make my auction standout from the crowd and get attention.

As you have learned, I made several websites to be included as bundled to each auction. The building of 21 websites really cost time and great effort. But I did that anyway just to have something for my starter site to look valuable.

I hope that works.